ie.MERG - Audiocide (12")

ie.MERG - Audiocide (12")

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Comes with un-skippable combos, tones, dark beats, and strange sounds.

‰ÛÏMerge‰۪s record has set a new standard for battle records. It‰۪s the most aggressive battle record I‰۪ve ever heard‰۝ - Afrika Bambaataa

‰ÛÏWithout a doubt, this record gives DJ‰۪s a huge creative advantage - especially at the level of competion today‰۝ - DJ Craze (3x DMC World Champion)

‰ÛÏie.MERG has won more titles than Jordan‰۪s Bulls, and he‰۪s willing to show you how he did it.‰۝ - Scratch Magazine


A1 Ah - Take That (Skippless Sound)
A2 Hit Break - Uh (Skippless Drums)
A3 Empt E (Skippless Beat)
A4 F*ck W/ Me (Scratch Sentence 1)
A5 Implode (Beat 1)
A6 Slang (Scratch Sentence 2) / Here We Go (Juggle Sentence 1)
A7 King Of Staale (Beat 2)
A8 Bloop (Bass Tone)
B1 Its Fresh - Break It Down (Skippless Sound)
B2 Hoard (Skippless Drums)
B3 Beat W/ Hit (Skippless Beat)
B4 Take Notes (Juggle Sentence 2) / Rip It Like This (Scratch Sentence 3)
B5 Blue Murder (Beat 3)
B6 Dunny (Scratch Sentence 4) / Druhhms (Drum Sentence)
B7 Ded M*fukas (Beat 4)
B8 Bleep (High Tone)

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