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aTouch Fader/Keychain (Red)

aTouch Fader/Keychain (Red)

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aTouch Fader (Red)

Cut on the go on your smartphone/tablet! 

The folks at Fader Lab created this neat little fader so you can easily cut on with your phone using the BabyScratch, FlareScratch or Async apps.

See the video below:


  • If a protective film is attached to the LCD screen, the sensitivity may deteriorate.
  • The fader will not turn off if the knob is not touched.
  • If it does not respond to small scratches, it may be improved by restarting your device.
  • This is a 3D-printed PLA product. PLA material can be deformed even at temperatures as high as 50-60 degrees. Do not store or leave in a hot environments.

Lamination pitch: 0.06mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

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