Columbia GP-3 Portable Turntable (Used, Reconditioned, Missing Parts or Broken Clip on Cover)

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WARNING: These units either have a AC Cord Lid missing and/or Top lid that has a broken clip to lock in place.
Asides that they are in complete working order and have been mechanically (Motor, pitch etc) reconditioned to work perfectly.

If you're a collector/digger you gotta know the GP-3! Back in the 80's and 90's the GP-3 was the standard portable that everyone would rely on when hunting for vinyl in Japan. For many cats who went abroad they picked one up for sure!

STOKYO Japan was the last distributor of the GP-3s. Unfortunately the GP-3 came to an end in the early 2000s but they continued sourcing some refurbs and repairs. To this day STOKYO Japan still offers some GP-3s for those wanting to add to your collection! 

  • Runs on two-prong 100V
  • 6 x D-Cell batteries
  • 33/45 RPM
  • Plays records upright with special spring loaded tone arm with record clip
  • Made in Japan
  • Built in Carrying Handle