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DJ Swamp

DJ SWAMP - Never Is Now (2x12")

DJ SWAMP - Never Is Now (2x12")

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Not your typical turntablist LP, Never is Now does not dwell in the overly dense and technical scratch workouts one might expect from a world-renowned DJ such as Swamp. Although DJ Swamp's sets command the utmost attention from the hardcore turntablist audience, his debut album relies more on solid tracks, unexpected vocals, and well placed scratching than it does on super technical turntablism. A tounge-in-cheek dark vibe permeates the album, whether it be on the west coast gansta beats, 80-inspired electro, or the rock/hip hop hybrid tracks.


A1 Ring Of Fire 2:41
A2 Worship The Robots 3:45
A3 Demons In The Suburbs 4:02
A4 Feed The Hand That Bites You 2:19
B1 My Peaceful Hell 3:08
B2 Swamp Cuts 3:10
B3 Spirits Are Gone 2:18
B4 Disintegrator 3:35
C1 Halo Of Static 3:38
C2 Avalanche 3:00
C3 Wheatgrass And Razorblades 2:33
C4 He's A Killer 2:52
D1 Guess Who 4:29
D2 Gossip 3:02
D3 Malakai 9:12
D4 Repossessed 0:53
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