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DJ Swamp

DJ SWAMP - Scratch Wax (2x12")

DJ SWAMP - Scratch Wax (2x12")

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Scratch Wax

For turntablists, club DJs, and DJs in bands. A continuation of the Battle Tool/Turntablism series.


A1 Tricks I Perform
A2 The Hand Of Darkness
A3 The Ah-phabet
A4 Dirty Juggle
A5 Brace Yourself
A6 Electric Chair Loop
B1 For Mature Audiences Only
B2 Exquisite Torture
B3 Here To Haunt
B4 VIntage Theremin
B5 Swamp Beat
B6 Chopper Loop
C1 No One Is Safe
C2 Dancehall Juggle
C3 Echo Scratch Batch
C4 Ghetto Concerto
C5 As Producer #1
C6 Straight Static
D Mellotron Tones
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