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DJ SWAMP - Swamp Breaks (2x12")

DJ SWAMP - Swamp Breaks (2x12")

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Swamp Breaks

Mentioned in movie "SCRATCH", this is the record with the guitar tone.


A1 Intro
A2 Hate Break
A3 R2D2 Tone
A4 Take Break
A5 Dis Beat
A6 Self Transforming Tone
A7 Eiffel Tour
A8 Moog Tone
B1 Burn
B2 On The Rocks
B3 Battle Ammo
B4 Ride The Beat
B5 Panned Cutz
B6 Echo Scratch
B7 Mud Break
B8 Crowd Tone
C1 Untitled
C2 Untitled
C3 Untitled
C4 Untitled
C5 Untitled
C6 Untitled
C7 Untitled
C8 Untitled
C9 Untitled
C10 Untitled
C11 Untitled
C12 Untitled
D1 Spit Break
D2 Dust Bin
D3 Do What
D4 Wapr Tone
D5 Break 2 Die
D6 Turntable Fiend
D7 Ate-O-Ate
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