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Oyaide NEO HPC-HD25 V2 for DJ (for Sennheiser HD25 Headphones)

Oyaide NEO HPC-HD25 V2 for DJ (for Sennheiser HD25 Headphones)

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A new refined model of the HPC-HD25 series, more suitable for the field, is now available from the NEO brand!

SENNHEISER's HD25 headphones have been supported by sound creators, music fans, and DJs around the world, and Oyaide has developed the "HPC-HD25 V2" headphone re-cable for the HD25 to maximize its potential.

The HPC-HD25 was developed primarily as a cable for portable use, and has gained popularity with its 1.2m length and three color variations. However, we received many requests from DJs and musicians who love to use the HD25 to create a re-cable for the HD25 with a length more suitable for on-site use.

In response to these requests, we have decided to release the "HPC-HD25 V2 for DJs" under the NEO brand as a new model with a 1.8m cable length designed for easier use in the field, such as DJ play, live performances, and recording.


The cable length is 1.8 m. The cable conductor, which is the key to sound quality, is made of 102 SSC, a precision conductor designed for high sound quality. The HD25 side pins and 3.5 stereo mini plug are gold-plated for improved sound quality and corrosion resistance. The cable conductor and plug are soldered with lead

-free silver solder SS-47 for high sound quality and environmental friendliness. Reasonably priced. Manufactured in Japan under strict production control.

compatible (e.g. AT-compatible):SENNHEISER HD25(Former name HD25-1II)/ HD25PLUS / HD25-1 / HD25 ALUMINIUM

Product Specifications



center conductor

102 SSC(AWG26)


fluorocarbon resin (PFA)


102 SSCspiral (Black) 

Outer sheath

Pb Free PVC

Modular plug (headphone side)

Machined brass with gold plating

3.5mmStereo mini plug

Brass gold plated


Mounting method

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