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Oyaide NEO DC-3398LL Pedal Power Cable

Oyaide NEO DC-3398LL Pedal Power Cable

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Oyaide NEO DC-3398LL Premium DC power cable with 102SSC

Get that "sound" your effects have been missing with the DC-3398LL.  This cable features the 102 SSC precision conductor is currently used in major Oyaide NEO, including BLACKMAMBA-α V2, and gives off high resolution, wide range, and flat expression. This 102 SSC conductor conforms to the American UL standard AWMstyle3398 with a heat resistance of 150° C, and is a DC power cable for effectors made by luxuriously using "3398" AWG18 size (0.75sq) with an allowable current of 6A.

In addition, the twist structure that is a feature of "DC-3398 LL" makes it possible to achieve both noise resistance and great sound omission.

Twist structure to prevent electromagnetic induction noise

DC-3398 LL balances the two wires by twisting the + and-wires, prevents electromagnetic induction noise by canceling the magnetic field, and ensures noise resistance that can withstand live use. .. In addition, the same cable is used for the power line and ground line, and clear sound quality and sound omission are achieved by considering the return current flowing to the ground. The simple twist structure that straightly expresses the characteristics of the "102 SSC" of the wire without obstructing the current flow is effective for changing effects and amplifying overtones.

Gold-plated mold & marking sticker on plug

A gold-plated plug is used as a DC plug to improve conductivity and corrosion resistance. Assuming a heavy-duty usage environment with many insertions and removals, the plug part is finished by molding.

Have you ever lost track of the DC cable that connects your power supply to your effects when wiring in the board? The "DC-3398 LL" comes with a total of 6 marking stickers, 2 each in 3 colors of red, silver, and blue, which are convenient when replacing or reviewing cables.

* Please check the polarity and size of your equipment before use. Please note that we are not responsible for accidents or malfunctions caused by incorrect connections.

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