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STOKYO High End Lead Wires

STOKYO High End Lead Wires

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STOKYO Japan has released a new Lead wire specifically enhanced for DJ play.

These cables from the same factory our good friends at Oyaide get their Hi-Fi Audio Lead wires. Made in Japan, these cable use a high grade Virgin OFC 102 SSC copper conductor. The best option for DJs!
When producing the right wire, choosing the right gauge size is of most importance! We chose the right size to reproduce and configure a more vibrant, 
and much WIDER frequency range for playback through phono cartridges,
The cables are also protected by an anti-static and high flexibility jacket. This feature not only gives extra protection from electrostatic buildup but also allows 
unwanted static noise from playback. When applying the cables, you will also feel the flexibility and ease of inserting the cables onto the terminals.

The end clips have also been chosen with DJs in mind using a new phosphorus bronze that has superb spring like characteristics for strength and durability.
DJs, are a little more rough versus your audiophile Hi-Fi dude, so these connectors will take the beating, always being connected to the terminal pins with more grip.
Furthermore, the phosphors bronze creates higher electrical conductivity for better audio all-around .
The tips have been engineered in the shape of a three-point triangle. By doing so, the contact surface area is actually reduced to lessen unwanted vibrations and noise, making these the best capable play whether up in the club, big stage, studio or in the bedroom! They are also plated in 24K gold to make sure the contacts last as long as your 1200s. 

STOKYO has your back for analog quality and perfection!
For Installation PLEASE READ
NOTE:  The black ends connect with your Headshell, these are the smaller end clip which is 1.0 mm.
VERY IMPORTANT: The fit is tight for reason, and when installing, use a long nose tweeze/plier and MAKE SURE to use some leather or paper to attenuate the grip between the cable and tweezer so you DO NOT damage the lead cable. 
The color coded ends will connect to the Cartridge side pins. They may be hard to differentiate but they are wider at 1.2mm in diameter.
These should attach easier than with the black end tips for the head shell.

The clear plastic shield in the photos are not included. These are found on the STOKYO Head shells only. They are included if a STOKYO head shell is purchased.

Warranty: Limited Life Time Warranty


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