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Thud Rumble x STOKYO - 3" Super Seal Japan Pack (BLACK VINYL)

Thud Rumble x STOKYO - 3" Super Seal Japan Pack (BLACK VINYL)

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Thud Rumble and STOKYO collabo!

The 3-Inch Mini Super Seal record is an extremely limited edition collector's item that really works on 3” portable record players!

The set comes in a special box containing a 3" Dr. Suzuki Slipmat & Slipsheet, Black 3” Super Seal record, adapter, and stickers !!! Have fun blowing everyone away with this one!

Comes with an adapter that can be used not only on 3-inch record players but also on ordinary record players and portable turntables.

3 "Super Seal Japan Box Pack
・ 3" Super Seal Black Vinyl x1
・ 3" Adapter for Regular Turntables x1
・ 3" Dr. Suzuki Slipmat x1
・ 3" Dr. Suzuki Slipsheet x1
・ Sticker x1

  • This product is a battle breaks analog record. Suitable for DJ battles, scratches, and track making.
  • Store in the correct flat position or in an upright position. Leaning diagonally may cause the board to warp.
  • Avoid high temperatures. It may cause deformation.

* We do not accept returns or exchanges due to warpage or deformation unless a collection instruction is given due to a press mistake at the factory.

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