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Dr. Suzuki

Dr. Suzuki - Mix Edition Slipmats (PEAR)

Dr. Suzuki - Mix Edition Slipmats (PEAR)

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From Dr. Suzuki, the creator of the best selling D-Styles Tablecloth comes the versatile Dr. Suzuki Mix Edition Slipmats.

These slipmats were created especially for mix and routine DJs that need more control and find the Skratch edition slipmats too slick. When compared to scratch-specific slipmats, the Dr. Suzuki Mix Edition slipmats are noticeably thicker and engineered to resist shock and agitation.

These sturdy anti-static mats also minimize the noise made when controlling the record for smoother mixes and performance. It features a diameter slightly shorter than the record which prevents the slipmat from sticking to the vinyl when switching records.

Scratching is still very possible with these mats (though you might want to add a slipsheet under for a looser feel).

Great for DJing of all genres, routines, battles, and digital control records (Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor, etc).

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