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STOKYO RECORD MATE Portable Record Player

STOKYO RECORD MATE Portable Record Player

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The STOKYO RECORD MATE Portable Record Player.

  • Portable turntable on the Columbia Portable GP series, reengineered with the original crew for an all brand-new construction (mainly internal parts, molds and arm assembly)
  • Classic adapter and tonearm function of playing records on the wall (upright) 
  • Play 12-inch or 7-inch records (3 -inch records with the STOKYO 3”adapter) on RM-1 portable turntable w/ pitch adjust
  • Output via built-in “new improved” speaker or RCA output
  • Each unit is battery or AC powered (batteries not included)
  • This model is exclusive to North America at 120V, with the transformer included. 
  • Product under limited warranty for 1 year of purchase from STOKYO and authorized dealers
  • Warranty is limited to the RM series only and not the domestic GP series in Japan.

Product Dimension: L 15" x W 8.5 x H 3.25" / 38.1 cm x 21.6 cm x 8.26 cm
Product Weight: 2 Lb 15 Oz / 1.32 Kg


A cool back story from one of the founders at STOKYO 

“The story goes back around 22 years ago when the good folks at Xexxn would allow me to distribute these on the low for diggers and DJs overseas.
A few years later we (STOKYO and friends) did have the opportunity to take over manufacturing but ironically I was also at Vestax and at the time we had the Handy Trax.

Fast forward to 2019, this project took over 2 years but with the help of some original engineers, our manufacturing partner and the love we all shared for the original GP/GMX we bring you the all improved version.
The RM-1 and RMX -1 “RECORD MATE” series is the overseas edition. (GP-3R/GMX-3R are the JPN domestic model)
Updated molds, internal board, parts, new speakers, new case/tonearm construction, magnetic stereo cartridge (like you’ll find on an AT-LP60), but everything else like the OG. The first model will be exclusive for the Americas (@ 120v).

As we continue to improve more parts to clear Global compliances, we also await for more parts with supply issues due to the Pandemic for our Global/EU model we aim to make available later in ‘24.

For those who pre-ordered, we originally aimed for an earlier ship date and our sincere apologies with all the port congestion but good news, it is on stateside awaiting customs. Arriving soon.
Thank you for the patience.

Big up to the crew for making this happen, grinding everyday and for your love we have for vinyl.

Yo Biz, I know you smiling right now!

Stay safe and Keep Diggin’

Thank you all for your support. 

Chuck Ono

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