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Vestax PDX-3000 MKII Direct Drive Turntable (PAIR)

Vestax PDX-3000 MKII Direct Drive Turntable (PAIR)

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This mint set JUST came in from Japan. Don't know when we'll come across a set like this again. These are being sold as a PAIR. 

The Vestax PDX-3000 mkII isn't just a DJ-style turntable, it's a high-performance machine. In the same way that a Fiat and a Ferrari can both drive well over the legal speed limit and yet are far from comparable vehicles, the Vestax PDX-3000 mkII far outshines any pedestrian DJ turntable. ultra-high-tolerance machining, epic torque control, and super-flexible digital tuning all add up to give you the kind of performance that simply responds to your touch, fading into the background so you can focus on putting on the best possible show. Grab one for yourself and find out why DJs everywhere as making the switch to the Vestax PDX-3000 mkII digital DJ turntable.


Vestax PDX-3000 mkII DJ Turntable at a Glance:
  • Precision Japanese engineering for pro-level performance
  • Dial in the ideal torque for your touch with digital accuracy
  • Ultra Pitch and MIDI control let you unleash your creativity
Precision Japanese engineering for pro-level performance

Start by looking past any of the fancier bells and whistles that make the Vestax PDX-3000 mkII turntable so outwardly cool and focus instead on its basic mechanics. As opposed to many common commercial turntables, which play well at first but quickly fall apart, every discrete component in the PDX-3000 mkII was hand made and tuned by highly-skilled Japanese engineers and technicians. One great example of this engineering at work is the PDX-3000 mkII's finely machined and fantastically balanced platter, whose low-profile design gives you epic control over your vinyl. And while you might not notice the way the PDX-3000 mkII's Anti Skipping Tone-arm System saves you needle after needle, sometimes its nice to be able to take your gear for granted.

Dial in the ideal torque for your touch with digital accuracy

If you're a control freak about your DJ rig, then you're going to feel right at home when you start messing around with the Vestax PDX-3000 mkII's digitally controlled direct-drive motor. Featuring a maximum torque of 4.7CN/cm, this DC-driven motor can reach a constant speed rate in under half a second. What's more, the PDX-3000 mkII gives you freakishly precise torque control. Thanks to its Digital Torque Simulator, the PDX-3000 mkII allows you to choose between the constant speed and acceleration of Performance mode or the extreme rpm control of mix mode or anywhere in between. No matter your style, you'll get the feel and response you need from the Vestax PDX-3000 mkII DJ turntable.

Ultra Pitch and MIDI control let you unleash your creativity

The amazing direct-drive motor isn't the only evidence of the highly flexible digital technology at work in this professional-grade turntable. Like every quality DJ turntable, the PDX-3000 mkII features a fine pitch fader that provides the usual +/-10% fine pitch/speed control. Where the PDX-3000 mkII departs from the pack is its Ultra Pitch fader, which gives you another +/-50% digital pitch adjustment to play with. The same digital pitch control responsible for this also lets you hook up a MIDI source to control the pitch of your records, allowing you to play the sound coming out of your turntable like a sampler or to create cool key modulations of the fly.

Vestax PDX-3000 mkII DJ Turntable Features:
  • Pro-quality DC-driven direct-drive DJ turntable
  • Anti Skipping Tone-arm System ensures high sound quality and stable playback
  • Direct drive DC motor provides powerful torque (maximum 4.7CN/cm) and reaches a constant speed rate within .5 seconds
  • 32-bit-CPU-controlled digital servo keeps the motor rotating no matter how heavily you change the pitch
  • Low-profile, expertly balanced platter gives you natural feeling control over your vinyl
  • Digital Torque Simulator provides analog-style torque control
  • Performance mode torque maintains the stabilized speed and rapid acceleration/deceleration
  • Mix mode torque lets you control precise rpm with the slightest touch to the platter
  • Blend seamlessly between Performance mode and Mix mode
  • MIDI input lets you control pitch changes from a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI source
  • High-pressure foamed ABS plastic body easily withstands life on the road
  • Rubber-filled insulators (feet) absorb shock and decouple your vinyl from any surface to interference from low-frequency
  • Ultra Pitch Fader controls the pitch range by +/-50%
  • Fine pitch fader provides +/-10% pitch/speed control
  • Reverse Mode lets you pull off classic turntable effects
  • Accepts most standard cartridges and needles (cartridge and needle not included)
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